Saturday, January 18, 2014

Precious Books

Lady with a Fur- El Greco

Hi my lovelies! Here we meet once again for long discussions. It is winter and I have been crazy occupied with where life takes me. I still have time to drink tea and peacefully dream about traveling all over. sigh. I have not forgotten you! Here I am! I wish to share with you some books I have gotten that I wish to read this year!
 Right now I have been reading An Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy and oh my it is a beautiful story. Lucy tells her story of having a distorted face because of cancer. She tells us the number of emotions she feels such as confusion, anger and the blame she puts on herself as she grows up from a child to a young adult.



100 Years of Fashion by Cally Blackman: Aaaaah, how I adore this pretty book. It is a wonderful photo book that documents the history of fashion. The book shows how fashion changed from restrictive uniformity to women being able to be free with there fashion. This book shows the high society of fashion to the street wear of every women. Curiosity: Art and Pleasures of Knowing by Brian Dillon and Marina Warner: I am in love with this book. It combines the wonders of science and creativity together into the world of curiosity. Inside are beautiful images of objects and talks of anthropology. It is a well thought out book with knowledge and narratives. I recommend this for the curious and the wonderful.1Q84 by Haruki Murakami: I truly love this author's writing. Murakami's writing makes me feel wonderful things. The novel centers around a young women named Aomame, meaning green peas. Aomame sits in a cab paused in traffic when suddenly she decides to leave the cab and climb an emergency ladder leading her into another world.                                                     Thank you for reading everyone. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beauty Blogger: Erica Fae

   Ahoy!  Since school has started, I have been eating bowls of ramen and I have been taking after-school naps.  It has only been two weeks yet I have tons of crap to get done.  I will try to cool it with my ramen addiction but I don't know if I can say the same for the naps.  Anyway I found a beauty blogger I love! *Clap, Clap* So Very exciting!  Erica Fae is a really cool and inspiring person.  She has a bold and colorful style that draws you in.  I would definitely recommend checking out her tumblr: ERICA FAE

Erica Faye is a beauty blogger who shows you lovely things such as  how to make flower crowns, tutorials for pin-up curls to outfits of the day videos. 

Until we meet again. <3

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Mitsuwa Marketplace

 I have had a lazy summer of Netflix binging, annoying the crap out of my parents and spending way to much time on my tiny tower.  And I am proud of all of it.  But now that summer is ending I am getting flustered to do as many activities I can.  What I did yesterday was go to the Mitsuwa Marketplace in New Jersey. I loved it! I got multiple batches of fish waffles, went to the bookstore, supermarket and had FUN!
That's a happy fish!

Hehe.  Doesn't that look cute and inappropriate at the same time? hehe...... he........he.
What I bought there was a Popin Cook'n.  I spent my money right that day. I have been looking for a Popin Cook'n for a long time.  On Amazon it takes a month to ship to where I am.

It basically is a magical box containing candy powders you whip up to create cakes, hamburgers, ramen and many more creations. Here's a video.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Gustavo Lacerda

Flowers and Stripes

Today I was spray painting a swing green and my feet turned green. I must have inhaled the the green paint because now the inside of my nose is green too.  Moving on, I changed the look of my blog last night . The background is composed of star fruit. Is it too crazy? Let me know please! Anyway, I got a shirt/dress for $15. I say it was a good deal.  I also got some Ed Hardy sneakers with it at The Buffalo Exchange.


I read the label of the shirt and it says the brand is Zara. You can go check Zara out here.  That's a cool website.


I added a belt above but it doesn't need it.

No shoe laces on these shoes! Just slip on and go! Here is a website for Ed Hardy shoes. Speaking of shoes, I love these Y.R.U Qloud Athena platforms. Too bad I'm too poor to buy those bad boys.


Have a great day everybody!